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Hello dear friends!
During these days,

so many things happened,

so come on with the news!

Youtube Partner

after 5 years after creation, my le0ne8 channel is an affiliated Youtube partner now, and this involves good things, such as:

  • monetization (I can’t hope to make a living with that, but better than nothing :-D)
  • custom thumbnails, such as this. What do you think about? 😀


I Closed One Youtube Channel, and I Created New One!

I decided to close my other channel NewPianoSecrets,

so I’m sorry whether you subscribed there, but I made some considerations thanks to your precious feedback (thank you Estelle and Connor!).
I cleared my focus on to do rock covers & tutorials on le0ne8 Yt channel, and let that NewPianoSecrets.com takes this way…

I learned that you guys feel when I play songs with emotion and passion, and luckily nobody can fool you 🙂

Think that the tagline of this website is “Feel. Play”! 😀

I felt this when I tried to play covers of billboard chart songs, and your feedback was epic: simply no feedback ahahah!
That’s right, great lessons I learned, so thank you!:)

I understood too that I can’t upload totally different kinds of music on my channel, ’cause I could confuse you…

I mean, you probably follow me because you watched me play rock songs on piano, and maybe you liked the idea of that… so could be strange watch me to play a slow italian song, a romantic film soundtrack or a cartoon theme:D

For this reason I created a new Youtube channel, MyPianoLab, where I’ll play all the songs I want, just for fun and to express myself with freedom, without to worry whether I could hurt the musical taste of the kind people following me on le0ne8 😉

Further, as the name say, it’s a lab where I can experiment a lot of projects, just this. So, if you like the idea, you can follow me on this adventure too here…but feel free to ignore that, no problem…I’ll focus on epic rock songs on le0ne8 channel 😉

Next cover: my camera crashed !

Last thing: yesterday I recorded “Paranoid Android”, but the fate is ironic:
after I finished, I checked out the video on my mac, and all I see is this screen…
black screen

I guess my mac is envious of the word “Android” 😀
Anyway I’ll record again this evening..

but I have the mp3 and you can listen a bit here…

(yeah, I make mistakes too, I’m paranoid, but not an Adroid ahahha)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/91946133″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Please comment and let me know what do you think about these news!