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fastest way to play piano

“For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.”
Jim Rohn   

Hi! Welcome on NewPianoSecrets.com!

My name is Agostino, I’m known as le0ne8 on Youtube, and on my channel I play rock songs on piano (especially Muse and Nirvana).


Why this blog

I founded this blog because I want to share with you all what I learned myself over these years about my personal way of playing modern songs on piano.

And for modern songs I mean the ones you listen when you turn on the radio or when you watch MTV!

So let me clarify  that I won’t  teach you how to play classical music on the piano, and I won’t deal with the traditional piano
teaching system:
if your goal is to learn how to play Mozart or Beethoven masterpieces, this isn’t the right place, and I strongly suggest you to  take lessons from a classical piano teacher.

Problems the blog will solve

On this blog I’ll be your guide on this journey to learn to play piano having fun, and we’ll focus on the practice rather  than the theory!
I won’t be a music teacher: I have not even the skills to be that 😀

I’ll just be a friend showing you how to playyour favourite rock songs on piano and
sometimes I’ll do it with my tutorials on Synthesia.

I want to be clear once again from the outset:

Having fun is ok, anyway this doesn’t mean it will be all simple, quick, with no effort , and that you’ll magically learn the fastest way to play piano (like someone promise):
if you think this, don’t read anymore my blog, because you and I will waste our time!

This blog is for people that strongly desire to learn piano, and are constantly willing to spend a little time to chase this dream.

As Morcheeba sing: Rome wasn’t built in a day ! 🙂


Following this blog you’ll become what I call a Piano Rebel (I’ll explain better this on a future post).


Yes Ago…this is so cool and bla bla bla…

but let’s be practical: which kinds of questions this blog will answer to?!


Good point, here is a little example of questions to which the blog will answer:

  • Which are the basics to playing rock songs on piano?
  • Which are the main chords to know?
  • The basic information to choose a keyboard?
  • The first steps to play by ear?
  • How to play with both hands?
  • How I record on my computer the music I play on piano?
And this is just an example about the contents you’ll read on the blog!


Structure of the Blog

The blog will cover 5 categories of information, and you’ll immediately find the following:

  • articles about advices, tips and tricks
  • piano tutorials & covers
  • the reader corner “Ask at Ago”, where I’ll answer your questions.

Incoming categories will be:

  • interviews with other Piano Rebels>/li>
  • reviews of useful resources to play piano (books/ebooks, software, and so on)

I plan to write a weekly post, and I strongly suggest you to join the newsletter to receive the blog articles directly in your inbox:
just enter your name and email on the web form on the right.
As a bonus, you’ll receive the free tutorial “How To Play Starlighy By Muse on Piano”!

Well, I’m ready for this adventure! And you?:)

Now….your feedback time!

Let me know your ideas about in the comments, thanks!