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Today I want to tell you


the story of a


rock piano player I know.


“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”
Booker T. Washington   

This pianist has been playing piano for 23 years, since he was a 7 years old child.
He had 7 years of classical piano lessons, and he can assure that
it was not all a bed of roses

He told me that he spent afternoons in his teacher’s home doing:

  • solfeggio
  • boring piano technique exercises
  • and at the end he tried playing Bach, Mozart,etc.

rock piano player


But at home, he didn’t do piano exercises

He preferred playing “The Great Giana Sister” on Commodore=64 and playing football with his friends 😀


rock piano player



mmm…. I guess this guy is not cool…

Yeah, in fact the pianist was me! 😀




I Want To Break Free

During the years I got bored playing classical music because I wanted to have fun playing piano… you know that feeling of dissatisfaction?…

well, so I asked myself: “How can I have a good time whether I never play my favourite songs?”

This is the reason by which I started to develop my personal way of playing pop & rock songs on piano since 1998..I called it  New Piano Method…and I’ve been playing in this my own style for 14 years.


You can read my full story filling in the web form on the right sidebar and you’ll receive the free report “Learn to play pop & rock songs having fun”.


rock piano player

Wow Ago, it looks such interesting…as ironing my shirts on Sunday morning.

But what did you do before NewPianoSecrets?




My Links And Past Projects


it’s the place where I upload my video tutorials and my piano versions of popular songs.

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Here I upload my Piano Tutorials 

Here I upload my Piano Covers 


I’m on the web since 2007, each time with a different website:

  • 2007 leone8.altervista.org Best website winning the “Viagra Blue Homepage Award” ahah! (the website is no more online)
  • 2009 AgostinoGiglio.com My first attempt to make a community for piano lovers (the website redirects to NewPianoSecrets.com)
  • 2012 NewPianoSecrets.com After 3 years I founded this website, and the journey started again!


TV Contest

I was featured on italian tv on May 20, 2008 (“Talent one” show):

my “Starlight” piano version got the 1st place on “music” category with 2500+ votes


Why NewPianoSecrets.com?

I founded it so you
can teach yourself piano through my piano tutorial and piano lessons, and
to show how this instrument is not only made to play classical music, but can be approached
very well with other styles of music too. It ‘an instrument without time and without labels.

Aware of how it’s easy to get boring to learn this instrument
using the classical method:

  • I’ll never do boring lessons, but at most I will propose small and funny challenges 🙂
  • I won’t exhort you to play symphonies for piano author X, but I will encourage you to try playing the last song of your band you just heard on MTV
  • I’ll find a light way to teach you what I’ve learned in 20+ years of piano playing
  • We will make fun what for many is considered boring…Who is speaking is an unlucky guy  who studied classical piano for 1-2 times a week for 7 years…. SEVEN YEARS!
  • who know…you could become a rock piano player too! 😀

Let’s Be Social

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You can message me right there or using the Contact page.

And you know I’m curious: What is your story of how you approached the piano?
Tell me that in the comments 🙂