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Heart Shaped Box Nirvana Piano Tutorial

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I’m happy to share my 2nd tutorial:

today we will learn how to play Heart Shaped Box on piano by Nirvana ( get  the easy piano sheet music ) !

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If you watched the cover , you know it contains the intro of Stan by Eminem feat. Dido:

that was a lot of fun, because I always liked it. I hope that’s the same for you.

And once again, you can download FREE Midi of the song:

load it on Synthesia and you’ll have great time to learn how to play it ! 😉


Heart Shaped Box Tutorial + Sheet Music + Midi

Get the sheet music:
Heart Shaped Box sheet music !

Watch the tutorial and download the FREE Midi!

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Download the FREE Midi !


What do you think: easy or hard to learn?

Let me know in the comments!