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Often, without realizing it,

we need to give us good reasons

before engage in a hobby

or develop a new skill.


Similarly, that’s what you need before you decide to learn how to play rock songs with piano.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

I tried to give you 10 reasons I hope will make you want to turn you in a Piano Rebel!

1. Times have changed

When I had piano lessons, I usually have to play old classical pieces: they’re amazing, let me say,
but that’s so boring, especially for a 7 years old boy!
The new trend is way cool: I mean to play your own favourite music or what you listen on the radio.
Don’t you believe it? You’re so naughty boys & girls 😀

Go on Youtube and search “your favourite song name” + “piano cover”.
For example: search Eternally Missed piano cover and guess 🙂


2. It’s funny

When you do something you like, you’ll do that as it’s a game, and not as an obligation.
You need to do something where you put passion, and the fun will arrive in a natural and magical way.
When I play rock songs with piano, I have a lot of fun!


3. It’s a challenge

Imagine yourself in front of your piano, and not being able to play your favorite song.
You could think that this is a problem. Well, I would suggest you to replace this ugly word, “problem”, with a wonderful one: “challenge”.

When you focus on a challenge, everything becomes easier, especially when the challenge is with yourself, you also have a motivation to be able to reach your goal.


4. Go countercurrent

Be unique and original! Try to rise above the crowd 🙂
Play in a way that others can’t do! On NewPianoSecrets.com I want to teach you to play in an alternative way … there isn’t just a way to do things .. there isn’t just a single method …

Let’s get out of the way and let’s take the freedom to play the way we want … in the end the music is the freedom and the escape from the patterns of everyday life 🙂


5. It’s simpler than to play a classical piece

The classical method is very hard: scales, arpeggios, boring exercises.
You never will play the last song of your favorite band, but you’ll play the one of a musician who probably lived at least 250 years ago! (eg Mozart or Beethoven).

Don’t get me wrong:
I have great respect for classical music, and I’m in love with Chopin (check out the intro below of my Apocalypse Please cover), but it requires too much effort and hard work, and for this reason I admire all classical pianists.

I studied piano for seven years according to the classic method and it wasn’t easy at all.
And I didn’t wanted to be a classical pianist for a living, so why to study all that stuff?! 😀

Anyway, as they say: “True happiness is in the journey, not in the destination” and whether the journey is funny, you will arrive at your destination without even realizing it!


6. You’re cool

How would you feel if you could show your piano skills in front of your friends? Or imagine that you want to impress the girl you like! 😀

If you’re so passionate, you may teach others what you learn here! Hey this isn’t a dream:
all this is possible if you want it 🙂


7. Why not?

I’m serious: why not?

It may seems a trivial question, but it is not.
There are many pros and few cons (commitment and perseverance, but do you remember I told you that it won’t be quick and effortless?).


8. Relax your soul

Playing the songs that you like can give you mental and physical benefits:
you free your body and your mind from stress, you find a moment just for you and you feel a deep relax.

The thing I most like when I play is the feeling to freeze the time: there is just me and my music in a timeless dimension, while the world outside continues his hectic life.


9. You listen a song on the radio / mtv and shortly after you already play it on piano

That’s where the magic is: you listen something new,
and after some minute you get that melody through your hands.
First times that seems hard to get, but with practice you’ll master it.


10. Because I’m here to teach you how to do it 🙂

I’m here to tell you how to do it through my articles and my video tutorials 🙂
How I desired to find a blog in which someone explained how to play my favorite pieces on piano when I started playing!


For this reason, I have in mind to teach you tips

and tricks to learn and master your rock piano playing:

Subscribe to my new project called Piano Rebel if you are interested .


What’s the reason that make you want to learn to play

rock songs on piano?!

Let me know in the comments!


Picture by christathecurious